About me

Hi my name is Jackie! I’m a 30 something mom who is passionate about simple living. I am a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Massage Therapist. Through my journey with Crohn’s disease I’ve adjusted my diet and lifestyle to be healthier, and found a love of holistic healing. I never thought of myself as “granola” until I’d meet up with friends and they’d ask “How’s your granola lifestyle going?”  I have even inspired some of them to live a little healthier.  My husband and I are taking steps to do more homesteading and we hope to have a small farm someday. We are trying to get away from the modern “American Way” of living a high stress, 9-5 grind, rack up debt, rat race.  That doesn’t mean we are going live without electricity or modern amenities. (Who am I kidding I still love to shop and am hopelessly addicted to amazon, instagram, and the internet in general. Did I mention my pinterest obsession?) But we are trying to live a more mindful, sustainable, and self reliant lifestyle. Obviously I’m no expert and I’m far from perfect, but I hope you’ll enjoy following my journey, have some laughs at my expense, and maybe even learn something along the way!