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I love essential oils.  The first time I really learned about them was a few years ago when I went to massage school.  A lot of my teachers sold them on the side and always talked about the amazing benefits.  Not to mention that they make a great add on for any type of massage service.  While I had heard about their healing properties, I just kind of pushed the information aside and focused on getting a job so I could get massage experience.

Shortly after I graduated massage school I found out I was pregnant with my daughter.  My massage practice took a seat on the back burner as my belly expanded.  I had a few basic essential oils at home (lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus) but never thought about getting more.  As I started to read about natural labor and birth I couldn’t help but notice essential oils were mentioned throughout various books.  Some were used for relaxation during pregnancy.  Some were used to help ease the pain of childbirth and promote contractions.  Some were totally contraindicated during pregnancy and nursing, yet others helped to support lactation.

This information had me intrigued.  I started to wonder how they worked and if they could really do what they said they did.  After my daughter was born I bought a few books about essential oils and started learning more.  I bought a diffuser and got rid of my traditional (often toxic) candles.  I searched for recipes online so I could diffuse a mix of oils and make my house smell great, while also reaping the benefits of the oils.

While the books I have are wonderful, they aren’t specific to children’s or women’s health.  Essential oils are so extremely concentrated that one drop goes a long way.  Not all essential oils are safe to use around children and this concerned me.  I was super careful about what I diffused when my daughter was around and I was too afraid to use any oils directly on her.

[For an amazing resource book on essential oils you can find the one I use here.]


Do you want to learn about how to use essential oils on children? How about using essential oils during pregnancy? This book has everything you need to know about using essential oils on children, during pregnancy, and for women's health. Plus it has a ton of great essential oil recipes.I recently got the chance to read and review a newly published book about essential oils written specifically for moms.  It was written by a  mom who just happens to be a chiropractor and certified aromatherapist!
It’s called Smart Mom’s Guide To Essential Oils | Natural Solutions For a Healthy Family, Toxin-Free Home And Happier You* by Dr. Mariza Snyder.  I really enjoyed this book and find it’s a great addition to my essential oil book collection.  My absolute favorite thing about it is the number of essential oil recipes in the book!  That alone makes this book worth the purchase, even if you aren’t a mom.  Need more reasons to check it out?

This book is perfect for anyone who…

Is curious about essential oils

The first few chapters detail what essential oils are, how they work, how they are made, and how to safely use them.  She reviews all the precautions you should take with them while outlining the benefits of regular use.

Has children and wants to use essential oils around them

The book is loaded with information on which oils are safe to use on kids.  Including how to safely dilute oils for use on children age 3 months and up.

Wants to get started with essential oils but doesn’t know which ones to start with

She has a list of 25 must have oils you can start with.  The list includes a description of each oil detailing the therapeutic benefits, any safety precautions, and how to use it.  Her list is great.  I have most of the oils on the list and now plan on buying the ones I don’t have!

Is pregnant or planning to become so, and wants to know which oils are safe to use

This is a good resource to have if you are expecting.  You can start to learn about essential oils and how you can incorporate using them after the baby is born.  She also has a list of what oils to avoid during pregnancy and what oils are safe to use during pregnancy.

Anyone who wants a TON of awesome essential oil recipes all in one place

This is my favorite part about the whole book.  There are literally 5 chapters filled with different recipes you can make with essential oils. From roller ball blends for digestive relief, to natural cleaners for the home, bath soaks, and a diy dry shampoo (seriously!).  I have so many different internet pages with recipes bookmarked that I can’t keep them all straight.  I love how this book has such a variety of great recipes.  It also has an index in the back so you can easily look them up.  The recipes alone make this book worth the purchase, in my opinion.

Anyone who wants to know which oils are good for supporting the reproductive system and women’s hormones

There is a whole chapter on women’s health with recipes that cover issues such a stress, insomnia, hormone balance and support, as well as menopause.

I’ve enjoyed this book so much I am hosting a giveaway!

One lucky reader will win a copy as well as some roller ball bottles so you can put those awesome recipes to use!

Do you want to learn about how to use essential oils on children? How about using essential oils during pregnancy? This book has everything you need to know about using essential oils on children, during pregnancy, and for women's health. Plus it has a ton of great essential oil recipes.
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If you don’t want to enter the giveaway you can buy the book here.  Check out all the reviews on amazon, I wasn’t lying when I said it’s a great book.

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What are your favorite essential oils and why?

Let me know in the comments!


*I was given this book for free to review.  However, please know the opinions in this post are 100% my own.  I can honestly tell you that I would have paid full price for this book on my own accord and plan on buying another copy in the future as I am giving mine away!



  1. I use a blend for migraines that has really worked well (RMO’s Migraine support) and I couldn’t live without lavender, peppermint, and vanilla.


      I love RMO. I also use Mountain rose herbs! I will have to look at the migraine blend, I can definitely use that for my husband. I keep meaning to buy vanilla as well!

  2. Rachel M.

    Wow, thanks for all this info! I am totally going to get this book as I am always overwhelmed with information about oils. But so far, I love lavendar, tea tree, and peppermint!


      So glad this post was helpful! The book really is informative and gives you practical ways to use the oils as well 🙂

  3. Oh man! I am too late. This is why I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate because I live and love all of my essential oils. I am going to look into getting this book! Thank you for a great review.


      Oh no! Sorry about that! That is awesome. I had a young living account but never did much with it. I need to get back into it! Glad you enjoyed the review 🙂

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