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Ok so… I’m kind of obsessed with deodorant.  Like, I have multiple sticks in my medicine cabinet and one in my purse.  Lately I have been trying to eliminate unnecessary chemicals from my life and I’ve decided to start with my hair and beauty routine.  I am no stranger to all the latest trends in the foodie world. In fact, I have been doing gluten free since 2010 (and mostly dairy free shortly thereafter) before it really became ‘a thing’ because of my Crohn’s.  I read about nutrition all the time and try to make small improvements in my diet whenever I can.  One thing I’ve often come across when reading about clean eating and the like, is using natural products and eliminating toxic chemicals from your life.  I admit this has intrigued me for a long time, but for some reason I never wanted to take the leap.  It seemed daunting.  It still scares me a little.  Maybe it’s the fresh spring air or maybe it’s the creation of this blog, I’m not sure. But all of a sudden I’m gung-ho on eliminating chemicals from my life and finding some awesome natural alternatives.  I’m ready to take on what I previously thought was too hard.

What’s in your deodorant anyway?

Most commercial deodorants are a combination deodorant/ antiperspirant.  A deodorant is something that stops odor (usually by killing or altering the bacteria that causes odor). While an antiperspirant is something that stops you from sweating.  It’s a well known fact that sweating is just one of the ways the body eliminates toxins.  While typically I still sweat if doing strenuous activity while wearing commercial deodorant it’s probably not the best thing to clog up all your sweat glands. The most common ingredients in deodorant usually include aluminum zirconium, various parabens, and other chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic or linked to other health risks.  Aluminum is an abundant metal found virtually everywhere on the earth. It’s hard to avoid exposure, but in the more recent decades it has been showing up more and more in our daily lives. From soda cans, to foil, to cosmetics, and deodorant, it’s an ingredient in a lot of products. There’s a lot of controversial information on aluminum being linked to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. Of course most sources will refute the harmfulness of exposure to these chemicals, especially the aluminum.  A research study from the NIH on the absorption of aluminum in deodorant states “Therefore, a one-time use of ACH applied to the skin is not a significant contribution to the body burden of aluminium.” Read it here

I don’t know about you, but I have not used deodorant only one time. I have been using it daily since I was probably 14 or 15 (I’m 30 now) and I  sometimes use it more than once a day. That adds up! There are 20 ingredients in a stick of Degree I’m looking at right now and I can only understand what a few of them are, let alone pronounce them.  I’d rather be able to pronounce the ingredients I’m applying to my skin that undoubtedly will end up getting absorbed.  I’d also rather err on the side of caution and not expose myself any longer to something potentially harmful.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do NOT want to be stinky either. I am a sweaty Italian and I pretty much melt in hot weather. My husband never fails to point out that I sweat more than him ha! I think that’s one of the reasons I was leary about switching to a natural product even though I knew the chemicals in my traditional deodorant were harmful. I had tried the Tom’s of Maine brand, and another brand I bought from a local healthfood store in the past and they just didn’t work for me- so I went back to my trusty Degree.

Enter Go Primal Pit Paste

Over a year ago on someone’s Instagram that I follow, I saw them mention a natural deodorant they were using called Primal Pit Paste. Although I didn’t know her in real life, I commented on her post and asked if it really worked. I mentioned that I had tried other natural brands but I still always smelled.  She commented back right away saying yes it really worked! I thought about ordering some but quickly forgot about it.  Last week as I was thinking of some natural products that post popped back into my head. Now what was it called again? Some sort of primal pits? I hopped on amazon and found it quickly. Ahh yes Primal Pit Paste , that’s the stuff. I ordered the “Jacked-Up Jasmine” scent although it was a tough decision between that and their lemongrass scent that had good reviews. The paste comes in a little jar with a wooden stick with instructions to rub a pea sized amount onto both pits. (I believe they do have a stick but I ordered the jar) The product itself is a smooth neutral colored balm. I love the jasmine scent. It’s floral but not overpowering. It also has ylang-ylang and gardenia essential oils in it as well. I’ve been wearing it to work and have not had any problems with odor or sweat. Today was the true test. It was about 80 degrees outside and I went for a 90 minute hike with my daughter on my back.

The verdict:

IT WORKS! [Insert every happy face emoji and two thumbs up] I have to say , yes I did sweat. I wasn’t drenched or anything but my pits were wet.  I was also hiking for 90 min and I always sweat when I exercise so not a huge deal. Would my pits be dryer if I were using degree, yes probably. But this is healthier. Also I can honestly say I did NOT smell. At all. I could still smell the light jasmine scent when I got home.  And yes I did put my nose into both pits and take a whiff!

I also did some things around the house before I took a shower and I still did not smell. Now I’m not sure how it will be if I go for a run because I sweat like a hog while I run. But for everyday use I am so excited I found a natural product that works. Now I can start throwing out the five six deodorants I have in my medicine cabinet.

Ingredients: Organic shea butter, organic arrowroot powder, non aluminum baking soda, organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil,  ylang ylang essential oil, jasmine essential oil, gardenia essential oil, bergamot essential oil, non GMO vitamin E.

One more thing- when I was reading reviews on amazon some people did write they got a rash from it. On the jar it states the baking soda and essential oils may irritate the skin. IT can also be caused from the armpit area detoxing from the previous chemicals you were using. The jar has a link to their website if that happens. So far it has not happened to me. I will update should a rash occur and post what to do about it. For now I’m enjoying my fresh non toxic pits  😉

Some other interesting reads about this topic:

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I’d love to know what you use for deodorant.  Have you decided to take the natural deodorant leap? Let me know in the comments.




      Hi I’m not sure what you are disagreeing to. I read her blog and those look like great deodorants to try as well. I recently started using a brand called soap me that is really great as well. I will write a post on it eventually!

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