Ridiculously easy diy baby wipes

For about a month now I have been battling a stubborn rash all over my daughter’s diaper area.  It started with some sort of bug I think I inadvertently passed on to her after taking care of an 8 month old with a stomach virus. Oh the joy of being an emergency room nurse! The bug has since passed (hallelujah!) but the pesky redness remains.  I have tried just about every cream out there, organic and non organic at this point. I even went out and bought some disposable diapers as well- talk about mommy paranoia – just in case that somehow my cloth diapers were causing it (they weren’t).  The main thing I noticed with the rash though, was how much pain she was in while I was trying to wipe her.  I had been using pamper’s sensitive wipes but was already looking for a natural alternative.  Because of how uncomfortable she was I had resorted to using just plain water and paper towels.  My mother in law surprised me with this recipe. She’s super crafty and puts me to shame.  What can I say though, I’m totally hooked on these wipes!  I don’t think I will go back to buying commercial wipes any more as these are so easy to make and more cost effective.  The wipes are cool and soothing for sore bottoms and they don’t have the long list of scary ingredients that most wipes do.  My daughter no longer screams when I’m trying to wipe her and her rash is just about gone.  I made a batch with just 60 wipes (which took me about 15 minutes total to fold and add the ingredients) and the container lasted over a week.  If you set aside 20 minutes once a week you’ll always have plenty of wipes on hand.

Update: I got lazy and didn’t make the wipes for a week.  My daughter’s redness came back.  Long story short… I won’t be lazy anymore 🙂

These wipes are: easy, natural, soothing, and have just 4 ingredients if you count the paper towels.

You will need:

Paper towels of your choice, the select a size style works the best

2 1/4 cups of warm water

2 TBSP melted coconut oil

1 tsp unscented castile soap. I use Dr. Bronner’s baby unscented.

Storage container of your choice that has a sealed lid.  I just used some crappy plastic food storage containers I was going to throw away.  You can also be fancy and use something pretty to store them in if you want, but hey I won’t judge.

Are you ready for simple?


Using the select-a-size paper towels tear off towels at the perforations.  If you are using regular paper towels you can cut one sheet in half.




Trifold each towel to create a wipe.

Stack wipes in your container, just make sure it has a lid.


Pour 2 and 1/4 cups of warm water into a mixing bowl or glass measuring cup. Add the melted coconut oil and castile soap. Don’t worry it’s going to look like it’s not mixed well together.  Just stir a few times until it’s all sparkly and bubbly.


Pour soap mixture over your wipes. Make sure the mixture gets all of the wipes wet.  I usually pour half of the soap mix over the wipes, then take each stack and flip them over so the bottom is now the top.  Then I pour the remainder over the wipes.  You can always add some extra water over the wipes if they don’t get fully saturated.  Give it a minute or two to absorb.  Put the lid on and give it a shake.


That’s it! Easy peasy.

This recipe will make about 60 wipes. You can adjust it if you have a bigger or smaller container. I cut it in half and used a smaller storage container for the diaper bag.  BONUS: My mother in law made this recipe with small face cloths to make reusable makeup remover wipes.  These are very versatile and you can use them for other things besides babys’ butts! Let your creativity flow.

Happy wipe making!


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    I always knew my granddaughter was brilliant but this blog has convinced me that she is more than brilliant. Words cannot describe her.

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