10 reasons I am rocking motherhood

I was tagged by Chelsea at The French Lemon to participate in the #rockingmotherhood challenge. Thanks so much Chelsea!

The goal behind the challenge is to help moms focus on the things they are doing great at, rather than the things they think they are failing at.  On some days I know I feel like I am failing at everything and thinking of what I am doing right seems impossible. Momming definitely ain’t easy. That’s what’s so great about this challenge.  It forced me to think of the positives and now I actually have a list I can look at and say Hey! I am doing something right. I’m rocking it!

To keep the challenge going and to encourage other moms to celebrate motherhood I am tagging  Kadee at Sondermama , Nay at Beauty Addict Mama, Gracie at Being Mummy,  Naya at Lactivist in Louboutins, Snoe at Momremod, Wemi at My moments of love to write their own post and share their list as well!  They all have great blogs- go show them some love!

Here is my list of the 10 ways I am rocking motherhood

1. I always try to be encouraging.

I have made it my goal to always try to be uplifting and encouraging to my daughter and will be to the one on the way.

2. I’m pretty patient  {most days}

For the most part I am a very patient person.  I have my moments but I always try to put myself in my daughter’s shoes.  I take a deep breath and think about why she is frustrated.  By keeping my cool, I see her calm down instantly.

3. I spend quality time with my daughter

I read to my daughter almost every day.  I get down on the floor and play with her.  Sometimes we just sit in the chair together. Sometimes we watch instagram stories (haha) but no matter what I try to connect with her instead of just doing my own thing and shooing her off to entertain herself.

4. I give lots of affection.

I am definitely an attached mom.  I don’t micromanage but I am always showing her that I care and I love her.  Plus those cheeks are so darn kissable I can’t resist haha!

5. I’m not afraid to discipline

I am firm with my daughter when need be.  I am not afraid to take something away if deemed necessary.  I have been known to give a time out or two.  I don’t want my kid(s) growing up to be little jerks so I do take this one seriously.

6. I anticipate her needs

I am always looking out for my daughter.  For example I know that when she wakes up from a nap she will be hungry so I make a meal or snack in advance. (This works with husbands too.  I find it helps keep the marriage running smoothly 😉 )

7. Safety first

I strive to keep my daughter safe.  I don’t mean I’m always hovering.  No, I let her get bumped and bruised a bit within reason. She’s gotta learn somehow and I am always watching even if she doesn’t realize it.  As far as bigger safety concerns go I have a gate on the stairs, chemicals and medicines locked away, correct car seat installed etc.

8. I’m her biggest fan

I guess this  also goes along with being encouraging but seriously I am already so proud of all her milestones and small accomplishments I can only imagine how I will be when it comes to sports.  I plan on being the same way with the new baby as well. I will always make sure they know how proud I am of them and their efforts- win or lose!

9. I look for teaching opportunities in everything

I am always trying to teach and train my daughter by using real life lessons.  I want her to understand a lot, even if it means teaching her the world can be a sad and dangerous place.  I will do it in an age appropriate manner of course. I don’t think it’s good to sugarcoat everything for your children.

10. I love her unconditionally and will make sure she knows it!

I had fun writing this post.  No mom is perfect all the time but we are all great moms!

Now I challenge you, mama

Make a list of 10 ways you are rocking motherhood. Share it with me in the comments below and share it on social media. Be proud- You rock!

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