Why the third trimester is my favorite

I know what you’re thinking. The third trimester? Who is this girl? Is she delirious from the hormones? From what I’ve seen and read most women say the second trimester is their favorite time during pregnancy.  They are starting to show, but aren’t too big.  The morning sickness has subsided and they’ve got that glow going on. They feel good about their changing body. Well for me all those things don’t really happen until the third trimester.

So hear me out.  These are the reasons that I like the third trimester the best!

No more morning sickness

My morning sickness extended well into the second trimester during both pregnancies so far.  I absolutely hate being nauseous and feeling sick so for me it was torture.  By the third trimester I feel *almost* back to normal and am so grateful for that! So for those of you who have hyperemesis gravidarum (a.k.a. horrendous nausea and vomiting for most of the pregnancy) my heart goes out to you.  I don’t know how you people deal. You are all my heroes.

I feel kind of “glowy”

Even though I'm not the glowing type I'll tell you why the third trimester during pregnancy is still my favorite.
Whoever made this for pinterest, I love you

Some women are lucky and have that beautiful skin and pregnancy glow from the beginning.  I on the other hand look pale and sallow, most likely from the nausea, and overall look and feel run down.  Sometime in the third trimester when I start feeling better I can see somewhat of a glow to my face and I actually feel pretty.

I’m actually showing

I am lucky and carry small. But with that comes just feeling fat for a long number of weeks.  I am able to hide my bump pretty well until the third trimester.  With both my daughter and now this pregnancy I didn’t really “pop” until the 6th month.  But even then it was a small bump. I like having my bump a bit bigger so people notice yet I don’t seem to get too huge until the very end…and who isn’t huge at the very end!?

Maternity clothes finally look normal on me

With a smaller bump getting dressed becomes an issue.  The first trimester I am just bloated and my pants are tight making them uncomfortable to wear.  But it’s early so you just deal.  The second trimester my belly starts expanding but all my maternity pants are too loose and tend to fall down.  Constantly hiking them up is extremely annoying.  Maternity shirts are too long and have too much fabric and just look ridiculous on me, yet my normal shirts are stretched out and are too short to adequately cover my growing bump.  By the third trimester my body has filled out enough to actually look like a normal pregnant person wearing maternity clothes.

Baby kicks and movements are strong

I can feel the baby very easily by the third trimester. I love feeling the baby kick. I get impatient in the beginning waiting to feel those first tiny movements.  As the second trimester progresses the movements still feel hard for me to distinguish.  By the third trimester I can clearly feel the position and movements of the baby, helping to ease my prenatal paranoia.  No trying to guess if the baby is okay in there or if I’m just gassy lol.

The end is in sight

Nine months, no wait TEN months (because that’s what it really is people) is a long time.  You are almost pregnant for a year!  By the end I am pretty tired of being pregnant and would just like to feel like my normal self again.  It’s exciting to be able to count down the weeks left in the third trimester until “D” day.

And my favorite part about the third trimester is…

The very reason why the third trimester during pregnancy is my favorite!
There’s just something so precious about a sleepy newborn

You finally get to meet that squishy little person you’ve been growing for so long!  There’s nothing much sweeter than that.

So what about you?

Did you like being pregnant?  Did you hate the third trimester?  Let me know all about it in the comments!




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  1. All your positives about the 3rd trimester are spot on. I needed these reminders. I’ve been miserable. Maybe because this is my 3rd time going through my 3rd trimester. Ahhhh motherhood!

    • jackie.osanitsch@gmail.com

      It’s definitely not easy but at least the end is in sight! Hang in there mama. Glad you enjoyed ?

  2. Lauren O

    haha that meme. I would say late 2nd tri/early 3rd is my favorite (ummm that’s a small window huh?) I like actually looking pregnant and being able to wear cute maternity close, and overall feel good. Although I have to say this time around now at 29 weeks I am sort of feeling done! It’s getting uncomfortable to carry Sean around or even have him sit on my lap which makes me a little sad. But the excitement of getting to meet the little nugget is definitely increasing as I get closer to my due date, and that is a great feeling!

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