I took a nap today (and other motherhood musings)

My husband and I have been going through a rough period.  Not in a marital way, but in a everything is going wrong and costing us a fortune kind of way.  When we were going through the process of buying our home in Vermont we spent a lot of time in prayer and agreed that if it all went smoothly it was meant to be.  We went through the mortgage process with no major issues and closed on the house at the end of December.  Since then it seems we are being tested and it feels like nothing is going our way.

Have you ever had one of those months?  Maybe even years?  Oh we’ve had a year like that as well.  It is hard and at the time you aren’t quite sure what it all means.  Looking back we’ve always come out stronger and we eventually see the reason for the trial.

At the beginning of January I told myself one of my goals was to stick to a posting schedule and get serious about blogging.  I’m doing pretty well so far.  I made up a schedule and have stuck to my plan, posting by every Friday.  I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes I am super motivated to write, and other times I feel like I have to really push for it.  Being pregnant and having a toddler is not helping very much either.  I am 4 days shy of being in the third trimester and battling sheer exhaustion.

Usually I start my day with some sort of plan in place.  I have a little weekly calendar (thanks Target dollar spot!) that I write my daily goals on.  They are not anything major, just simple tasks like cleaning, laundry, what meals I want to attempt to make, if I have any massages to do or have to do home care visits as a nurse.  Today I was feeling more down than usual and very tired.  My daughter just turned 18 months and is going through a sleep regression thing as well as boycotting naps.  #caffeinateme .  Around noon, she looked tired so I put her in the crib hoping she would sleep.  As she babbled to herself I laid down on my bed telling myself I would give her a few minutes and if she started screaming, per usual, I’d take her out.

I don’t usually nap or rest when she does, because well, my house would probably implode if I did.

It got quiet.  The next thing I knew I woke up to her fussing and when I looked at the clock it was 1:30 pm. Oops! I conked out. As I slowly sat up I noticed I felt much better about life in general.  I was still tired but felt somewhat refreshed.  I still had a running list in my head of all the things I hadn’t yet done and needed to do before the evening.  So the next thing I did was… go for a walk.  Yup, against my better judgement and that mom guilt voice telling me how much of a disaster the house was, I saw that it was 50 degrees and sunny and decided we could all use a little fresh air.  Exercise always helps me cope with stress and gives me a general sense of well being.

winter walk
No need for resistance workouts when you put a 20lb toddler on your back

When I got back home I felt like a new person.  I was able to tolerate my daughters new found mood swings (!) more easily.  The house got as picked up at it usually does- if you have a busy toddler you know what I mean.  I cooked a whole chicken with roasted veggies for dinner.  The dishwasher is loaded and running.  I am sitting here typing this post.

This is how normal dogs go for a walk right?

My house didn’t implode!

I repeat. I took a nap and my house did not implode.

Cereal explosion
Well, my daughter did dump out half a box of frosted flakes but ya know…

So mama’s

Take a nap.  It doesn’t have to be everyday, although that sounds really good to me.  Let go of the lists and the guilt.  I’m living proof that your house will not implode.  Seriously.  It’s ok to rest and recharge every now and then.  You’ll probably be more productive and in a better mood.  Sometimes things just aren’t going your way.  Life gets hard and being a mom is not for the faint of heart.  It took an accidental nap for me to figure out that it’s ok to stop stressing over all the little things you are certain must be done for your household to continue functioning.  I’m going to take advantage of getting extra rest when I can now, especially on days when I am feeling moody and tired.  The real trick will be to remember all this once the new baby comes. 😉

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  1. marilyn geraci

    A nap is to restore the strength you wish you had. Take it. I decided I needed a third nap early last evening (how i hate this Flu and pneumonia!) and I awoke at 3 AM for a bathroom break. Not a young gorgeous lady like my Jackie so I went back to bed until 6AM. My nap did not restore my strength. Sniff. Wonderful that you were able to accomplish after your nap.If I had the good health and youth that has flown away, I would get in my car which I no longer can drive and come out to assist. Pity that the human race is plagued with growing older. Sending you the biggest hug and kisses I can manage.

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